Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Conversations with My Ex-Girlfriend: Part-1

Our conversations are often complex, compact and intense. Narratives help in clarifying concepts, semantics and are important.

Therefore ...

Me: she has this thing about me touching you - to be precise, she thinks that I may touch you.

She: 'may'?

Me: she rules in her festival of crazy emotions.

She: will she come to her senses?

Me: I am hopeful... at times - because am so optimistic.


Me: Have you checked the latest on the "intelligence" front? They want more volunteers.

She: what's up with those jack asses?  - have they decided to change their pace of mass murders?

Me: that is approximately it... some cause for concern. If the warehouse is that way, then how will the showroom be?


She: There is something I need to say. Only girls should exist in a woman's world. Why are you always the girl of a lesbian relationship?

(you mean she is lesser) I will try to find out.

She: You 'will' or 'promise to'

Me: I promise to.


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