Thursday, April 2, 2020

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A Mani

Feminism in India:

A. Mani: “Microaggressions - The Small Things about Gender, Sex and Sexuality”, April 2020

Feminism in India:

A. Mani: “Sexism in the Science Experiment”, March 2020

The Life of Sciences:

A. Mani: “Being a Lesbian Trans Woman of Science in India”, October 2019

I received the Orange Flower Award for this article on LGBTQ Issues (for women writers).

The Life of Sciences:

A Mani and Sayani Basak: “Explainer: Mental Health Issues Faced by LTQ Women of Science”, October 2019

Feminism in India:

A Mani: “How To Fight Sexism And Queerphobia In STEM”, February 2019
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