Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making an Approximate Self Portrait with GIMP

This may serve as a pointer for people with non-photogenic faces or who want to protect their privacy on the Internet and also as an invitation to explore the free (as in freedom) software GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Tool).

I do not have a photogenic face, but have plenty of flexibility and beauty. My image on mirrors do not match my photos because of too many soft features. I don't care about the difficult methods of artificial make-up on such faces for matching the original. So it is generally a problem for me to post selfies. This problem is pretty common among different groups of people. One thing that can be done by such people is to reduce number of 3D features being pounded into a 2D photo.

In recent passport size photos done by professionals, I end up looking like a college girl from the North East part of the country (cute, but ... ). Then there is the need to document. I attempted quite a few selfies with my C813 Kodak camera after reading up on related tips for non-photogenic people. But I probably need to work harder on it.

The art portrait(s) below is based on a selfie taken at close range at 45 deg (approx) with flash with eyes closed. For obvious reasons including glare from shining black wavy hair and blurred shadows, the picture was not usable. So I decided to try improving it with GIMP (I am not good at digital art using a mouse and have limited skills).

I used GIMP on the picture to

  1. Improve Automatically
  2. Changed tone
  3. Reduced Dimensionality (that is number of features, not the paltry amount of perspective in the photo).
  4. Implement HSV corrections.
  5. Form a Portrait with Pastels
  6. More Effects

The underlying goal was to isolate exactly one aspect with outline from the artistic point of view. From the mathematical point of view it is an aggregation of approximations - this is how I see it. Step 5 was most important for the former.

The best thing about GIMP is that anybody can get access to advanced tools for processing images and photos for quality work!


UPDATE: Pictures deleted.  I will put in an album soon! 




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